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Tue Nov 12 08:56:35 CET 2002

Yay! Welcome back, Edscott!

On 11 Nov 2002 19:42:52 -0600
edscott wilson garcia <edscott at imp.mx> wrote:

> I just uploaded xfnautilus to the xfce-devel CVS tree.

I agree with botsie here. It's not a derivative work. XFTree4 would be
fine with me or anyything else that doesn't sound like another program.

> I spent about a week working on xfsamba-2, and what resulted was a
> tree application that will combine xftree, xfsamba and xfglob in one
> window to ease double-click, dnd, program asociation, etc. I think it
> also could have a tasks folder where you can see minimized icons. I
> called it xfnautilus because I started using some pretty icons from
> nautilus.
> The gui is built entirely with glade-2, so that it is easy for anybody
> to change or modify.

Cool. Maybe I'll play with it some time. First impression: really good
looking, but the left toolbar looks a little out of place.

> At the moment I'm rebuilding the xftree stuff from scratch. I've fixed
> the problem with filtering remote NFS (or non GNU). I've also got a
> new idea about how to handle trash. (put a waste basket in any folder
> that needs it and have a janitor collect the trash to the main trash
> bin and empty it out whenever told).

Perhaps we can use the nautlus waste basket handling, that would be nice
interoperability. I have no idea what they do, BTW.

Great work, Edscot! What a way to return to your old project, loaded
with new code ;-) This has the potential of replacing ROX as my
filemanager of choice.


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