xfce4 in CVS (Don't use it)

Jasper Huijsmans j.b.huijsmans at hetnet.nl
Mon May 20 20:04:13 CEST 2002

Hi all,

Maybe some of you noticed when they did a checkout of xfce-devel there
is now an xfce4 directory with several files containing seemingly random
code. This is my attempt at a gtk2 based panel. 

However it is not anywhere near finished. Really, it's not. I put it
there to keep an archive and to let people who are interested have a
look at my ideas. Things will change without prior notice, there is no
documentation and no fancy configuration system (yet).

If you would be foolish enough to try it you have to write our own xml
configuration file. I remember now that I forgot to put up an example
file, but I will do that immediately after this e-mail. 

You cannot change the configuration and some of the buttons do strange
stuff like changing style or changing the panel size.

Don't use it unless you are really curious to see what I came up with.
Oh, and you have to use xfwm4 as well for the desktop switcher to work.

I will let you know when I feel it's a bit more useable.


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