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Thomas Leonard tal00r at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu May 9 11:24:08 CEST 2002

On Wed, May 08, 2002 at 04:16:16PM +0200, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Thomas,
> I didn't know you were on this list ;-)

Wasn't too sure myself until all this mail suddenly arrived ;-)

> BTW, if you provide a screen capture of a focused and an unfocused
> window of an original (or copy) of an Accorn, I could add a theme for
> ROX.

Here are some official screenshots:

(the dialog in the second one is focussed)

Not sure what the copyright status is with just copying them, though.

There's a RISC OS-like shot here:

Also, some good (free) versions of the icons are in this etheme (tgz):

The important point for most RISC OS users would probably be the button
behaviour: Dragging the titlebar moves and dragging the edge[1] resizes, but
using button-1 also raises whereas button-2/3 doesn't[2].

The buttons along the top, left to right, are: back, close, minimise and

[1] Actually, resizing was done with the square in the bottom-right
    corner, but that doesn't work with X...

[2] RISC OS used button-2 for popup menus, but we've switched this with
    button-3 for ROX.

Looking forward to seeing the screenshots!

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