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Olivier Fourdan fourdan at xfce.org
Wed Mar 27 16:59:38 CET 2002

Hi Guido,

Backward compatibility is *not* a requirement. It will be a major
release anyhow, so you can break everything.


On Wed, 2002-03-27 at 16:45, Guido Draheim wrote:
> speaking about new developments.
> How much would one allow to break with config files from xfc3 ?
> I'd start to prepare a little libconfig that every app in xfce
> can use, using a similar interface as most of the other desktops
> use as a programmer api (open-config, moveto-section, read-entry),
> but returning the xml-string-node. That's not hard, but the
> actual problems come in when trying to be backward compatible,
> as I tried with the example code for xfce4rc, where both the
> new and old configfiles are read and write, under the expectation
> that the new version and old version are run in parallel, as
> it can easily happen in networked environments where your $HOME
> gets mounted from some distant server, but the local machine
> has different xfce versions. With a brandnew desktop, we would
> have the chance to abolish the old configfiles, and rule that
> the new desktop does not update them when there are changes
> in the config of the xfce4 variants of our programs. On setup
> of the xfce4 desktop, one can let run an external program
> that converts the xfc3 configfiles to the new (and different)
> xfce4 configfiles, just once, and not dynamic from the programs
> the themselves. Does that sound like a good plan?
> cheers,
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