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Olivier Fourdan fourdan at
Thu Jul 11 23:52:25 CEST 2002

Jasper, Chuck,

> JH>just to generate some traffic, here's a screenshot of the new g2 theme
> JH>of xfwm4. Olivier you have really outdone yourself. It's very nice

To be totally honest, it's a port of a GNOME2 theme -thus the name, g2-
(probably running metacity) - It was made from a screenshot of GNOME2,
so I had to design the parts that weren't shown on the screenshot ;-)

I have no clue of the original theme name, nor its author(s)

> Is that panel the new xfce4?

Yes, indeed.

Okay, now I'll generate some traffic on my own ;-)

Jasper, you know what would be cool ? Having an xtra small size for the
panel, like this (ASCII art following):

|~ 23:49 | icon [^] icon [^] icon [^] [Desk1][Desk2][Desk3] etc/

to acheive the extra small size, the handles are place on each end on
the panel, the popup arrows are placed next to the icon instead of

I think technically that would not be too hard. What do you think ? 

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