Error while using libxfcegui4

Biju Chacko botsie at
Wed Dec 18 10:30:54 CET 2002


I am trying to generate a list of minimized windows in an app I'm
writing. I am using the following code:

void populate_window(GtkWindow *window)
	NetkScreen *screen = NULL;
	GList *win_list = NULL;
	screen = netk_screen_get(0);
	win_list = netk_screen_get_windows(screen);
	assert(win_list != NULL);
	while (win_list != NULL) {
		NetkWindow *win = win_list->data;
		if (netk_window_is_minimized(win)) {
		win_list = win_list->next;

Unfortunately the assertion fails ie, win_list == NULL. I modelled this
code on code in netk.c, the libxfcegui4 example.

Can anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?

-- b

Biju 'botsie' Chacko                        biju_chacko at vsnl dot net

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