xffm advances

edscott wilson garcia edscott at imp.mx
Tue Dec 3 02:47:01 CET 2002


  I've been working a good deal on xffm and you can now run programs
from it (a la xftree) with double click. 10/18 toolbar buttons are now
functional. Trash collection works (will collect from gnome, kde and
xfce if you do collection from your homedir). At this point xffm does
not modify your filesystem, except for files xtree.reg (shared with
xftree) and trashbin.dbh (a datahash for keeping tabs on trash
  The exec routines spawned with posix threads (if available) so they
should be a bit faster than xftree. xffm might seem slower, but that's
because GtkTreeView's are slower than GtkCTree's (but they look a lot
  The vertical panel is also gone and the popup menus are operational
(although many have empty callbacks). The editable cell has been
commented out since it was screwing up the double click functions
(before the double click signal, two single click signals are
generated). So it looks like the rename function will be akin to xftree.
  So far dialogs and warnings have been kept to the status line and the
combo box: it looks tidy.
  I believe it will no longer compile without the dbh library either.



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