Want to reimplement xinerama : how ?

Marc marcolinux at linuxbr.com.br
Thu Aug 1 18:35:14 CEST 2002

Hi everybody,
This is my first time on this list.I hope it is ok.

Xavier MAILLARD (zedek at fxgsproject.org) wrote:

> I agree that xfclock sux ! And mailcheck sux too :) What I want with
> mailcheck is that when there are new mails it plays a sound or print an
> OSD string saying that. This is not difficult to implement. 

 I was playing with libOSD too (changing workspaces shows its numbers).
 There are some plan to put OSD as a standard way to alert user on events such as mail arrive or download finished? Maybe a API or at least some guidelines on how to implement osd so that warnings have the same look'n'feel?
 Another nice thing to have: a canvas on taskbar.I just started to play with gtkcanvas and it seems a very powerful widget. In the taskbar we could show animations when mail arrive, or the status of a cdrom, or maybe a talking clip :).
Does anyone knows on how feasible is that or if is possible at all?
.:: MarcoLinux ::.

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