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Fri Jul 13 00:32:59 CEST 2018

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commit 42e39c4bd1c06a1ac0fe2d50d219c8949a72e4dd
Author: Anonymous <noreply at xfce.org>
Date:   Fri Jul 13 00:32:57 2018 +0200

    I18n: Update translation gl (100%).
    35 translated messages.
    Transifex (https://www.transifex.com/xfce/public/).
 po/gl.po | 105 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------
 1 file changed, 67 insertions(+), 38 deletions(-)

diff --git a/po/gl.po b/po/gl.po
index 7c5e5a4..b75380a 100644
--- a/po/gl.po
+++ b/po/gl.po
@@ -3,13 +3,14 @@
 # This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package.
 # Translators:
+# Xosé, 2018
 msgid ""
 msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: Xfce Panel Plugins\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2017-08-29 06:37+0200\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2017-09-22 15:57+0000\n"
-"Last-Translator: Xfce Bot <transifex at xfce.org>\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2018-02-25 18:32+0100\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2018-07-12 21:34+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: Xosé\n"
 "Language-Team: Galician (http://www.transifex.com/xfce/xfce-panel-plugins/language/gl/)\n"
 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
@@ -22,7 +23,7 @@ msgid "PulseAudio Plugin"
 msgstr "Engadido PulseAudio"
 #: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio.desktop.in.in.h:2
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-plugin.c:226
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-plugin.c:241
 msgid "Adjust the audio volume of the PulseAudio sound system"
 msgstr "Axusta o volume do sistema de son PulseAudio"
@@ -68,23 +69,55 @@ msgid "_Run Audio Mixer..."
 msgstr "Iniciar o mesturado_r de son..."
 #: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:10
-msgid "Sound settings"
-msgstr "Opcións de son"
+msgid "Sound Settings"
+msgstr "Configuración do son"
 #: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:11
-msgid "Control playback of media players"
-msgstr ""
+msgid "General"
+msgstr "Xeral"
 #: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:12
+msgid "Control Playback of Media Players"
+msgstr "Controlar a reprodución de reprodutores de multimedia"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:13
+msgid "Enable multimedia keys for playback control"
+msgstr "Activar as teclas de multimedia para o control da reprodució"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:14
+msgid "Enable experimental window focus support"
+msgstr "Activar a compatibilidade experimental co foco das xanelas"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:15
+msgid "Title"
+msgstr "Título"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:16
+msgid "Hidden"
+msgstr "Agochado"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:17
+msgid "Clear Known Items"
+msgstr "Limpar os elementos coñecidos"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:18
+msgid "Please restart your panel for additional players to be displayed."
+msgstr "Reinicie o panel para que se mostren reprodutores adicionais."
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:19
+msgid "Known Media Players"
+msgstr "Reprodutores de multimedia coñecidos"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.glade.h:20
 msgid "Media Players"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Reprodutores de multimedia"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-plugin.c:228
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-plugin.c:243
 msgid "Copyright © 2014-2017 Andrzej Radecki et al.\n"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Copyright © 2014-2017 Andrzej Radecki et al.\n"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.c:136
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:242
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.c:139
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:264
 #, c-format
 msgid ""
 "<big><b>Failed to execute command \"%s\".</b></big>\n"
@@ -92,59 +125,55 @@ msgid ""
 msgstr "<big><b>Fallou a execución da orde «%s».</b></big>\n\n%s"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.c:139
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:245
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-dialog.c:142
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:267
 msgid "Error"
 msgstr "Erro"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c:315
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-notify.c:200
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c:333
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-notify.c:199
 #, c-format
 msgid "Not connected to the PulseAudio server"
 msgstr "Non conectado ó servidor PulseAudio"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c:317
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c:335
 #, c-format
 msgid "Volume %d%% (muted)"
 msgstr "Volume %d%% (silenciado)"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c:319
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-button.c:337
 #, c-format
 msgid "Volume %d%%"
 msgstr "Volume %d%%"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:429
-msgid "<b>Audio output volume</b>"
-msgstr "<b>Volume da saída de son</b>"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:501
+msgid "Output"
+msgstr "Saída"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:440
-msgid "_Mute audio output"
-msgstr "_Silenciar a saída de son"
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:540
+msgid "Input"
+msgstr "Entrada"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:453
-msgid "<b>Audio input volume</b>"
-msgstr ""
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:464
-msgid "_Mute audio input"
-msgstr ""
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:628
+msgid "Choose Playlist"
+msgstr "Escoller lista de reprodución"
 #. Audio mixers
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:543
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-menu.c:665
 msgid "_Audio mixer..."
 msgstr "_Mesturador de son..."
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-notify.c:202
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-notify.c:201
 #, c-format
 msgid "Volume %d%c (muted)"
 msgstr "Volume %d%c (silenciado)"
-#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-notify.c:204
+#: ../panel-plugin/pulseaudio-notify.c:203
 #, c-format
 msgid "Volume %d%c"
 msgstr "Volume %d%c"
-#: ../panel-plugin/mprismenuitem.c:311 ../panel-plugin/mprismenuitem.c:575
-#: ../panel-plugin/mprismenuitem.c:594
+#: ../panel-plugin/mprismenuitem.c:373 ../panel-plugin/mprismenuitem.c:446
+#: ../panel-plugin/mprismenuitem.c:822
 msgid "Not currently playing"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Non está a reproducir"

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