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Sun May 1 12:04:01 CEST 2011

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         to fc05e439b725d55c5a311bba8b255461165d59f5 (commit)
       from b9994296f689c702062238aa9b28485b481417b6 (commit)

commit fc05e439b725d55c5a311bba8b255461165d59f5
Author: Chipong Luo <chipong_l at yahoo.com>
Date:   Sun May 1 11:05:48 2011 +0200

    l10n: Updated Chinese (China) (zh_CN) translation to 98%
    New status: 289 messages complete with 0 fuzzies and 4 untranslated.
    Transmitted-via: Transifex (translations.xfce.org).

 docs/manual/po/zh_CN.po |   12 ++++++------
 1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/docs/manual/po/zh_CN.po b/docs/manual/po/zh_CN.po
index a5cc4fc..adfde5f 100644
--- a/docs/manual/po/zh_CN.po
+++ b/docs/manual/po/zh_CN.po
@@ -1033,7 +1033,7 @@ msgstr "清除缩略图"
 #: Thunar.xml1239(para)
 msgid "The generated thumbnails are stored in the folder <filename role=\"directory\">~/.thumbnails/</filename> complying with the <ulink type=\"http\" url=\"http://jens.triq.net/thumbnail-spec/index.html\">Thumbnail Management Standard</ulink>. While testing a new thumbnailer, it might help to clean up the thumbnail cache using"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "遵从 <ulink type=\"http\" url=\"http://jens.triq.net/thumbnail-spec/index.html\">缩略图管理标准</ulink> ,生成的缩略图存储在 <filename role=\"directory\">~/.thumbnails/</filename> 。若要测试新写的缩略图生成器,清除缩略图缓存文件或许有帮助,请用"
 #: Thunar.xml1245(screen)
 #, no-wrap
@@ -1042,7 +1042,7 @@ msgstr "$ rm -rf ~/.thumbnails/"
 #: Thunar.xml1247(para)
 msgid "which will also give you some free space in your home folder. Since all the information stored within this folder was automatically generated from files in your file system, you will not loose any sensitive data."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "这也为您的主文件夹释放一些空间。既然存储在此文件夹中的所以信息是系统自动生成的文件,您不会丢失任何敏感信息。"
 #: Thunar.xml1257(title)
 msgid "Advanced Topics"
@@ -1054,7 +1054,7 @@ msgstr "对文件进行批量重命名"
 #: Thunar.xml1263(para)
 msgid "To <emphasis>bulk rename</emphasis> files means to rename multiple files at once using some criterion, that applies to atleast one of the files. <application>Thunar</application> includes a bulk renamer, which can be run separately using the command <command>Thunar -B</command> or from within <application>Thunar</application> by selecting two or more files in the main area and pressing <keycombo><keycap>F2</keycap></keycombo> or choosing <menuchoice><guimenu>Edit</guimenu><guimenuitem>Rename...</guimenuitem></menuchoice> from the main menu."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "<emphasis>批量重命名</emphasis> 文件是指按某些标准一次性重命名多个文件,此应用至少需要两个文件。 Thunar 有一个批量重命名工具,可以单独使用 <command>Thunar -B</command> 命令运行,可以在主区域内选中两个或两个以上文件并按 <keycombo><keycap>F2</keycap></keycombo> 运行,也可以从主菜单中选择 <menuchoice><guimenu>编辑</guimenu><guimenuitem>重命名...</guimenuitem></menuchoice> 运行。"
 #: Thunar.xml1278(phrase)
 msgid "Bulk Rename Files"
@@ -1062,7 +1062,7 @@ msgstr "批量重命名文件"
 #: Thunar.xml1283(para)
 msgid "The <emphasis>Bulk Renamers</emphasis> can be applied to the name of the files, the suffix of the files or both to the name and the suffix of the files. <application>Thunar</application> currently supports the following <emphasis>Bulk Renamers</emphasis>:"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "<emphasis>批量重命名工具</emphasis> 可以重命名文件名或文件后缀,也可以同时重命名文件名和文件后缀。 <application>Thunar</application> 目前支持以下 <emphasis>批量重命名工具</emphasis> :"
 #: Thunar.xml1290(para)
 msgid "Remove characters."
@@ -1110,11 +1110,11 @@ msgstr ""
 #: Thunar.xml1329(para)
 msgid "The position of any file or folder in the tree can be described by its <emphasis>path</emphasis>. The path is the list of folders you would have to descend through to get to the target folder or file, starting from the top level folder. For example <filename role=\"directory\">/home/luke</filename> is the subfolder <filename role=\"directory\">luke</filename> of the subfolder <filename role=\"directory\">home</filename> of the top level folder, and <filename>/home/luke/myfile.txt</filename> is the file <filename>myfile.txt</filename> in that subfolder. The leading <filename role=\"directory\">/</filename> in these paths represents the top level folder."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "至少需要两个, <literal>%o</literal> 和 <literal>%i</literal> 或 <literal>%u</literal> ,否则您的缩略图生成器无效。"
 #: Thunar.xml1338(para)
 msgid "Every user has their own folder to hold their personal files and settings. This folder is called the <emphasis>home directory</emphasis> and is displayed in Thunar as special icon with the users login name. The folder is similar to the <guilabel>My Files</guilabel> folder known from Windows. The <emphasis>home directories</emphasis> of the various users in a system are usually located below the <filename role=\"directory\">/home</filename> folder. For example <filename role=\"directory\">/home/luke</filename> would be the home directory of the user with the login name <filename role=\"directory\">luke</filename>, while <filename role=\"directory\">/home/jane</filename> would be the home directory for the user with the login name <filename role=\"directory\">jane</filename>."
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "<literal>MimeType</literal> 列出 MIME 类型-用分号隔开-以便您的缩略图生成器能够创建预览。"
 #: Thunar.xml1350(title)
 msgid "File Types"

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