[Xfce4-commits] <xfce4-session:xfce-4.8> l10n: Updated Swedish (sv) translation to 30%

Transifex noreply at xfce.org
Thu Jan 20 18:00:01 CET 2011

Updating branch refs/heads/xfce-4.8
         to d685318307a463c4d29004bad048be95b3335ef4 (commit)
       from d009cdd9621ef804c5be4b2f77df1bdad794a2f0 (commit)

commit d685318307a463c4d29004bad048be95b3335ef4
Author: Daniel Nylander <po at danielnylander.se>
Date:   Thu Jan 20 17:58:20 2011 +0100

    l10n: Updated Swedish (sv) translation to 30%
    New status: 30 messages complete with 3 fuzzies and 65 untranslated.
    Transmitted-via: Transifex (translations.xfce.org).

 doc/manual/po/sv.po |  220 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------------------
 1 files changed, 113 insertions(+), 107 deletions(-)

diff --git a/doc/manual/po/sv.po b/doc/manual/po/sv.po
index 7855d0f..65aa814 100644
--- a/doc/manual/po/sv.po
+++ b/doc/manual/po/sv.po
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
 msgid ""
 msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: xfce4-session doc\n"
@@ -9,304 +10,310 @@ msgstr ""
 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
-#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for you.
+#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for
+#. you.
 #. It doesn't matter what you translate it to: it's not used at all.
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:107(None)
+#: xfce4-session.xml107(None)
+#, fuzzy
 msgid "@@image: 'images/xfsm-general.png'; md5=f99eebd11a391ab3ecd0c038c0683b13"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "@@image: 'images/xfsm-general.png'; md5=f99eebd11a391ab3ecd0c038c0683b13"
-#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for you.
+#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for
+#. you.
 #. It doesn't matter what you translate it to: it's not used at all.
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:155(None)
+#: xfce4-session.xml155(None)
+#, fuzzy
 msgid "@@image: 'images/xfsm-advanced.png'; md5=ce9a552111026488b3ae76233eaa69d4"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "@@image: 'images/xfsm-advanced.png'; md5=ce9a552111026488b3ae76233eaa69d4"
-#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for you.
+#. When image changes, this message will be marked fuzzy or untranslated for
+#. you.
 #. It doesn't matter what you translate it to: it's not used at all.
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:218(None)
+#: xfce4-session.xml218(None)
+#, fuzzy
 msgid "@@image: 'images/xfsm-splash.png'; md5=126a4b2c7239f53cfa475468eac8cd99"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "@@image: 'images/xfsm-splash.png'; md5=126a4b2c7239f53cfa475468eac8cd99"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:14(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml14(title)
 msgid "Xfce 4 Session Manager"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:17(year)
+#: xfce4-session.xml17(year)
 msgid "2003"
 msgstr "2003"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:18(year)
+#: xfce4-session.xml18(year)
 msgid "2004"
 msgstr "2004"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:19(year)
+#: xfce4-session.xml19(year)
 msgid "2005"
 msgstr "2005"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:20(holder)
+#: xfce4-session.xml20(holder)
 msgid "Benedikt Meurer"
 msgstr "Benedikt Meurer"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:33(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml33(para)
 msgid "Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts. The complete license text is available from the <ulink type=\"http\" url=\"http://www.gnu.org/\">Free Software Foundation</ulink>."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:45(firstname)
+#: xfce4-session.xml45(firstname)
 msgid "Benedikt"
 msgstr "Benedikt"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:46(surname)
+#: xfce4-session.xml46(surname)
 msgid "Meurer"
 msgstr "Meurer"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:48(email)
+#: xfce4-session.xml48(email)
 msgid "benny at xfce.org"
 msgstr "benny at xfce.org"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:49(orgname)
+#: xfce4-session.xml49(orgname)
 msgid "os-cillation"
 msgstr "os-cillation"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:50(orgdiv)
+#: xfce4-session.xml50(orgdiv)
 msgid "System development"
 msgstr "Systemutveckling"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:51(jobtitle)
+#: xfce4-session.xml51(jobtitle)
 msgid "Software developer"
 msgstr "Programutvecklare"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:69(releaseinfo)
+#: xfce4-session.xml69(releaseinfo)
 msgid "This manual describes the <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> package, version @PACKAGE_VERSION at ."
 msgstr "Denna handbok beskriver paketet <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application>, version @PACKAGE_VERSION at ."
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:78(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml78(title)
 msgid "Introduction"
 msgstr "Introduktion"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:80(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml80(para)
 msgid "<application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> is a session manager for Xfce 4. Its task is to save the state of your desktop (opened applications and their location) and restore it during a next startup. You can create several different sessions and choose one of them on startup."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:86(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml86(para)
 msgid "<application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> provides session management for both X11R6 and legacy X11R5 protocols. If you don't need legacy session management support, you can disable it at compile time, giving --disable-legacy-sm to ./configure. Do <emphasis>NOT EVER</emphasis> run <application>smproxy</application> in session that is managed by <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application>, or weird things will happen. The included legacy session management does everything that <application>smproxy</application> would do, and besides that, it also supports multiscreen display."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:97(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml97(title)
 msgid "Session Manager settings"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Inställningar för sessionshanterare"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:100(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml100(title)
 msgid "General preferences"
 msgstr "Allmänna inställningar"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:103(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml103(title)
 msgid "<application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> general preferences"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:111(phrase)
+#: xfce4-session.xml111(phrase)
 msgid "Shows the General tab of the <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> settings dialog."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:119(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml119(term)
 msgid "Display chooser on login"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:121(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml121(para)
 msgid "If set, the session manager will ask you to choose a session every time you log in to Xfce."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:127(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml127(term)
 msgid "Automatically save session on logout"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:129(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml129(para)
 msgid "This option instructs the session manager to save the current session automatically when you log out. If you don't select this option you'll be prompted whether you want to save the current session on each logout."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:137(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml137(term)
 msgid "Prompt on logout"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:139(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml139(para)
 msgid "This option disables the logout confirmation dialog. Whether the session will be saved or not depends on whether you enabled the automatic saving of sessions on logout or not."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:148(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml148(title)
 msgid "Advanced preferences"
 msgstr "Avancerade inställningar"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:151(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml151(title)
 msgid "<application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> advanced preferences"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:159(phrase)
+#: xfce4-session.xml159(phrase)
 msgid "Shows Advanced tab of the <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> settings dialog."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:167(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml167(term)
 msgid "Launch Gnome services on startup"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:169(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml169(para)
 msgid "Enable this option if you need the GNOME keyring daemon to be run on startup. This option also instructs <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> to bring up the GNOME assistive technologies at startup (if enabled in the GNOME control center). See the GNOME documentation for more information on this topic."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:177(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml177(term)
 msgid "Launch KDE services on startup"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:179(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml179(para)
 msgid "Enable this option if you plan to run KDE applications as part of your Xfce Desktop session. This will notably increase the startup time, but on the other hand, KDE applications will startup faster. Some KDE applications may not work at all if you don't enable this option."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:187(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml187(term)
 msgid "Manage remote applications"
-msgstr ""
+msgstr "Hantera fjärrprogram"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:189(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml189(para)
 msgid "Allow the session manager to manage applications running on remote hosts. Since this option may constitute a security risk, by listening to a TCP port on your system, do not enable it unless you know what you are doing."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:193(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml193(para)
 msgid "System administrators may want to disable this option globally using the session managers <ulink url=\"#xfsm-kiosk-mode\" type=\"html\">KIOSK capabilities</ulink>."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:204(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml204(title)
 msgid "Customizing the Session Manager"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:206(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml206(para)
 msgid "You can customize the splash-screen that <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> will use when you log in to Xfce 4. There is a dedicated dialog available from the <emphasis>Xfce 4 Settings Manager</emphasis>."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:211(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml211(title)
 msgid "Splash screen settings"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:214(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml214(title)
 msgid "Splash screen settings dialog"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:222(phrase)
+#: xfce4-session.xml222(phrase)
 msgid "Shows the <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> splash screen settings dialog."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:228(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml228(para)
 msgid "On the left, the dialog shows a list of all installed engines. Select an engine, and you will see, if available, a preview and information about it. You can click on the <guibutton>Test</guibutton> button to see a demonstration of the selected splash screen engine."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:234(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml234(para)
 msgid "<application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> provides three Splash themes engines by default. Their respective configuration options - if any - are available from the <guibutton>Configure</guibutton> button."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:240(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml240(title)
 msgid "Shutdown/reboot options"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:242(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml242(para)
 msgid "<application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> supports shutting down your computer when you log out of your desktop session. To be able to shutdown the computer, you have to be listed in the systems <filename>sudoers</filename> file, in particular, you must be allowed to execute the command <filename>${libdir}/xfce4/session/xfsm-shutdown-helper</filename> (<filename>/usr/sbin/xfsm-shutdown-helper</filename> on Debian GNU/Linux) as user root (where <filename>${libdir}</filename> is the <filename role=\"directory\">lib</filename> sub directory in the prefix you installed <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application>, for example <filename role=\"directory\">/usr/local/lib/xfce4/session</filename>)."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:253(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml253(para)
 msgid "For example, lets say, you installed <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> into <filename role=\"directory\">/usr/local</filename>, your hostname is <emphasis>myhost</emphasis> and your user account is named <emphasis>myuser</emphasis>, then you would have to add the following line to your <filename>sudoers</filename> file (remember to use <application>visudo</application> to edit that file):"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:260(programlisting)
+#: xfce4-session.xml260(programlisting)
 #, no-wrap
 msgid ""
 "myuser myhost=/usr/local/lib/xfce4/session/xfsm-shutdown-helper\n"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:268(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml268(title)
 msgid "Advanced"
 msgstr "Avancerat"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:271(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml271(title)
 msgid "Files and Environment Variables"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:273(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml273(para)
 msgid "Xfce now uses the Basedir Specification as defined on <ulink url=\"http://freedesktop.org/\" type=\"http\">Freedesktop.org</ulink> to locate its data and configuration files. This means that file locations will be specified as a path relative to the directories described in the specification."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:281(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml281(term)
 msgid "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}"
 msgstr "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:283(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml283(para)
 msgid "The first base directory to look for configuration files. By default this is set to <filename role=\"directory\">~/.config/</filename>."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:290(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml290(term)
 msgid "${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}"
 msgstr "${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:292(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml292(para)
 msgid "A list of system directories that contain configuration data. By default the panel will look in <filename role=\"directory\">${sysconfdir}/xdg/</filename> and <filename role=\"directory\">/etc/xdg/</filename>. The value of ${sysconfdir} depends on how the program was build and will often be <filename role=\"directory\">/etc/</filename> for binary packages."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:303(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml303(term)
 msgid "${XDG_CACHE_HOME}"
 msgstr "${XDG_CACHE_HOME}"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:305(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml305(para)
 msgid "Specifies the root for all user-specific cache data. If this environment variable is unset, it defaults to <filename role=\"directory\">~/.cache</filename>."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:312(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml312(term)
 msgid "${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/autostart/"
 msgstr "${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/autostart/"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:314(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml314(para)
 msgid "This is the location where the list of applications that should be automatically run on login is stored. Each autostarted application is represented by a <filename>.desktop</filename> file (see the <ulink type=\"http\" url=\"http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/desktop-entry-spec-latest.html\">Desktop Entry Specification</ulink> for details)."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:320(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml320(para)
 msgid "Prior to Xfce 4.3, the list of autostarted applications was stored in <filename role=\"directory\">~/Desktop/Autostart</filename>, which contained scripts and symbolic links to applications. If you run <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> @PACKAGE_VERSION@ or above for the first time, it will automatically migrate the autostart items from the old location to the standard location and place a <filename>LOCATION-CHANGED.txt</filename> file in the old directory, that describes the location change."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:331(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml331(term)
 msgid "${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc"
 msgstr "${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:333(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml333(para)
 msgid "This is the location of the configuration file that includes the various settings for <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application>, which can be changed from the settings dialog."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:340(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml340(term)
 msgid "${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/xfce4-session/xfce4-splash.rc"
 msgstr "${XDG_CONFIG_DIRS}/xfce4-session/xfce4-splash.rc"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:342(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml342(para)
 msgid "This is the location of the configuration file that includes the configuration for the splash screen, which can be changed from the settings dialog."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:349(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml349(term)
 msgid "${XDG_CACHE_HOME}/sessions/"
 msgstr "${XDG_CACHE_HOME}/sessions/"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:351(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml351(para)
 msgid "The directory where <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> and <application>xfwm4</application> store the session data to."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:357(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml357(term)
 msgid "${sysconfdir}/xdg/xfce4/kiosk/kioskrc"
 msgstr "${sysconfdir}/xdg/xfce4/kiosk/kioskrc"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:359(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml359(para)
 msgid "Kiosk mode configuration file. See <ulink url=\"#xfsm-kiosk-mode\">next section</ulink> for an explanation."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:365(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml365(para)
 msgid "None of the configuration files, except the <filename>kioskrc</filename>, are designed to be edited by hand during a Xfce session; in fact, the changes will be overwritten if you edit them while the session manager or the settings managers are running."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:370(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml370(para)
 msgid "System administrators might want to customize the file <filename>${sysconfdir}/xdg/xfce4-session/xfce4-session.rc</filename> to change the default applications that are run on Xfce startup. For example, if you want to start the <application>xfce4-iconbox</application> instead of the <application>xftaskbar4</application>, you would change the <emphasis>[Failsafe Session]</emphasis> section like to something like this:"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:377(programlisting)
+#: xfce4-session.xml377(programlisting)
 #, no-wrap
 msgid ""
@@ -333,19 +340,19 @@ msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:392(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml392(title)
 msgid "Kiosk Mode"
 msgstr "Kioskläge"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:394(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml394(para)
 msgid "The session manager offers support for the Kiosk Mode, that helps to prevent users from making changes to their session settings. To use it you have to edit or create the file <filename>${sysconfdir}/xdg/xfce4/kiosk/kioskrc</filename>."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:399(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml399(para)
 msgid "The way to explain the format of this file is by using an example. The xfce4-session section of your <filename>kioskrc</filename> might look like this:"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:403(programlisting)
+#: xfce4-session.xml403(programlisting)
 #, no-wrap
 msgid ""
@@ -366,88 +373,87 @@ msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:413(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml413(para)
 msgid "This allows all users to change their splash, chooser and logout settings, but allows only users in the group <emphasis>wheel</emphasis> to customize the compatibility settings and shutdown the system. No one will be allowed to adjust the security settings."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:418(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml418(para)
 msgid "The session manager supports the following KIOSK capabilities:"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:422(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml422(term)
 msgid "CustomizeSplash"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:424(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml424(para)
 msgid "Whether or not the user is allowed to customize the splash screen."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:429(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml429(term)
 msgid "CustomizeChooser"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:431(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml431(para)
 msgid "Whether or not the user is allowed to customize the session chooser settings."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:436(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml436(term)
 msgid "CustomizeLogout"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:438(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml438(para)
 msgid "Whether or not the user is allowed to customize the logout settings."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:443(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml443(term)
 msgid "CustomizeCompatibility"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:445(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml445(para)
 msgid "Whether or not the user is allowed to customize the compatibility settings (KDE/Gnome compat)"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:451(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml451(term)
 msgid "CustomizeSecurity"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:453(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml453(para)
 msgid "Whether or not the user is allowed to customize the security settings. This is one of the most <emphasis>IMPORTANT</emphasis> settings, since it prevents users (actually <filename>libICE</filename>) from binding to a TCP port."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:460(term)
+#: xfce4-session.xml460(term)
 msgid "Shutdown"
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:462(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml462(para)
 msgid "Whether or not the user is allowed to shutdown (reboot or poweroff) the system. If a user lacks this capability the reboot and poweroff options in the shutdown dialog will be greyed out."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:472(title)
+#: xfce4-session.xml472(title)
 msgid "About <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application>"
 msgstr "Om <application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application>"
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:474(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml474(para)
 msgid "<application>@PACKAGE_NAME@</application> was written by Benedikt Meurer (<email>benny at xfce.org</email>). To find more information, please visit the <ulink url=\"http://www.xfce.org\" type=\"http\">Xfce web site</ulink>."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:480(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml480(para)
 msgid "To report a bug or make a suggestion regarding this application or this manual, use the bug tracking system at <ulink url=\"http://bugzilla.xfce.org/\" type=\"http\">http://bugzilla.xfce.org/</ulink>."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:486(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml486(para)
 msgid "If you have questions about the use or installation of this package, please ask on the <ulink url=\"http://lunar-linux.org/mailman/listinfo/xfce\" type=\"http\">xfce</ulink> mailing list. Development discussion takes place on the <ulink url=\"http://lunar-linux.org/mailman/listinfo/xfce4-dev\" type=\"http\">xfce4-dev</ulink> mailing list."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:495(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml495(para)
 msgid "This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version."
 msgstr ""
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:500(para)
+#: xfce4-session.xml500(para)
 msgid "You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA."
 msgstr ""
 #. Put one translator per line, in the form of NAME <EMAIL>, YEAR1, YEAR2
-#: ./xfce4-session.xml:0(None)
+#: xfce4-session.xml0(None)
 msgid "translator-credits"
 msgstr "Daniel Nylander <po at danielnylander.se>, 2010"

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