ANNOUNCE: xfce4-panel 4.19.2 released

Gaël Bonithon gael at
Wed Sep 27 18:32:38 CEST 2023

xfce4-panel 4.19.2 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-panel?

Xfce's panel.


Release notes for 4.19.2
[Please note that this is a development release.]

- pager: Do not adapt upper value of spin button in viewport mode
- pager: Update workspace layout also on viewports change
- pager: Get scale factor from widget
- pager: Update workspace layout also on window manager change
- pager: Fix aspect ratio for viewport (V2)
- actions: Fix memory leak
- wayland: wrapper: Set widget name for theming
- panel: Spawn wrapper process according to windowing environment
- pager: Delay GdkScreen signal handlers
- x11: Remove useless sanity check
- panel: Change panel border only if opposite border is set
- x11: Adjust background image of external plugins to that of the panel
- panel: Do not scale background image when UI scale > 1
- wayland: Reset socket geometry when child is respawned
- popup-command: Do not block autohide when popped up at pointer
- Fix memory leaks when using gtk_css_provider_new()
- panel: Clear item list before repopulating item dialog
- panel: Remove autosave timer for plugins
- Add option to toggle week numbers (fixes #686)
- wrapper: Really ensure we don't call gtk_main_quit() twice
- panel: Block autohide when the panel has input focus
- clock: Fix sync timeout for seconds display
- clock: Implement ConsoleKit sleep monitor
- Add/Sharpen icons at 48-128px
- Adjust 32px icon margins, new separator icon
- Sharpen icons at 16px and 32px
- Increase margins for 24px icons
- Make 24px icons sharper
- icons: Fix wrong exported sizes
- icons: Scale at size 16x16 to 128x128 (Fixes #385)
- icons: Fix centering of org.xfce.panel
- icons: Rename org.xfce.panel.statustray to org.xfce.panel.systray
- I18n: Update po/LINGUAS list
- I18n: Update po/LINGUAS list
- I18n: Update po/LINGUAS list
- Fix memory leaks around gtk_get_current_event()
- Revert "cleanup: panel: Keep consistent type names in G_DEFINE_TYPE"
- tasklist: Fix use-after-free on tasklist child
- build: Fix for Wayland backend disabled (Fixes #729)
- systray: Update icon also on status change
- Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese
  (Taiwan), Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English (United Kingdom),
  Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian,
  Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmål, Occitan
  (post 1500), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian,
  Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian

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