Windows cycling -- possible not to change order?

Alain.Cochard at Alain.Cochard at
Sun Oct 22 10:46:55 CEST 2023


I have "Alt+B" as the keyboard shortcut for "Cycle windows".

If I hit 

   Alt b b b b b b ...

I cycle through all the windows of a given workspace, in sequence.  So
far, so good.

Now if I hit

   Alt b   Alt b   Alt b   Alt b ...

that is, if I release the "Alt" key each time (after hitting the "b"),
I merely alternate between the same two windows, because the order of
the windows is changed -- so that (I guess) the most recent window is
proposed first.

Is there a way to cycle without changing that order?  In other words,
I'd like "Alt b b b" and "Alt b Alt b Alt b" to produce the same
result.  I've explored "Settings|Window Manager [Tweaks]" but couldn't
find a way.

Thanks in advance.

(xfce 4.16 with Fedora 34)

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