ANNOUNCE: thunar 4.19.0 released

Alexander Schwinn alexxcons at
Tue Oct 10 13:43:52 CEST 2023

thunar 4.19.0 is now available for download from

What is thunar?

Thunar is a modern file manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment. It has
been designed from the ground up to be fast and easy-to-use. Its user
interface is clean and intuitive, and does not include any confusing or
useless options. Thunar is fast and responsive with a good start up time
and directory load time. Thunar is accessible using Assistive
Technologies and is fully standards compliant.


Release notes for 4.19.0
[Please note that this is a development release.]

Development release on the master branch.

The waiting time for thunar 4.19.0 was rather long, because some
internal refactoring was required in order to properly introduce the
'expandable folder' feature. Besides countless other fixes and
improvements, as well the thunar thumbnail management got a major

Now that things have settled a bit and seem to be rather stable again,
here thunar 4.19.0. I hope you enjoy!  

Here the complete changelog:

- thunar-settings: Let Thunar guess the right display to use
- Load content types in a separate job (#1192)
- Add possibility to change metadata via a ThunarJob
- Remove thumbnail request in properties dialog
- Use a fallback file basename when unknown (#1219)
- Prevent deadlock during thumbnail loading (#1217)
- Remember the bulk renamer dialog size (Issue #1040)
- Apply scale factor as well to thumbnails (#1143)
- Move thumbnail request handling to the icon-renderer
- Support ipv6 remote URLs (#864)
- Handled Expand/Collapse in single-click mode (#1148)
- Fix DnD for expandable folders (#1144)
- Change toggle sort order menu item to check menu item (#781)
- Add a setting for window title style (#1130)
- Change state of split view button in the toolbar when needed
- Fix thunar critical and leak (#1179)
- Convert toolbar view buttons into radio buttons (Issue #925)
- Fix property dialog file count (#1173)
- Remove GHashTable/GList dualism in ThunarFolder
- Fix crash when build with --disable-debug (#1181)
- Improved performance & responsive in details view
- Fix ThunarFolder crash (#1175)
- Change 'File Manager' to 'Thunar' (Issue #1136)
- Change menu item 'Rename' to 'Bulk Rename' on multi select (#913)
- Improve 'Untrusted Application Launcher' Dialog (#963)
- Option to queue operations on busy disks (#1029)
- Support launcher rename options via dbus
- Fix criticals about unset GIO attributes (#1063)
- Don't reload folder twice on manual reload (#937)
- Ignore extension on dir rename (#1150)
- Add dialog to ask what to do with script (#1070)
- Make horizontal spacing consistent (#118)
- New TreeViewModel model implemented (#41)
- New StandarViewModelInterface interface (#41)
- Option to show launcher name instead of filename (#451)
- Add folder to history only for new tab (Issue #1072)
- Improve folder monitor and move some logic from file monitor there
- Don't check for file exists on "deleted" event
- Fix job operation crash on error
- Limit number of templates to prevent lag (#472)
- Remove outline on filenames while using keyboard nav.
- Prevent crash on multi-file-activate (#1121)
- Add new attributes to default namespace (#1104)
- Use enum to store sidepane type (#1102)
- Focus split pane on any tab click (#1103)
- Ignore attribute FILESYSTEM_USE_PREVIEW (#298)
- Prevent glib-critical - followup of (#912)
- Solving issue of overlapping highlights (#980)
- Keep location selector state on focus lost (#912)
- Harden thunarx module loading (#1094)
- Don't reload the directory on copy or cut (#1060)
- Prevent minor memory leak (#573)
- Revert ce43203b to prevent high CPU usage in list-view (#1089)
- Various properties dialog tweaks
- Prevent overflow via g_ascii methods (#1084)
- ThunarFile: Use recursive mutex for cache (#1060)
- Use new window for history signal handler (#1073)
- Prevent using CSD in properties dialog (#1056)
- Keep alpha when cutting read-only files (#1060)
- Dont reload the current folder on copy/cut (#1060)
- Update selected notebook on tab press (#1067)
- Make sure that accel_group is set before using it (#1067)
- Add job to list of jobs, not a view (#1029)
- Undo/Redo: Improve error handling
- Dont store accel map on startup (#1047)
- Optioanlly show prop-dialog hightlight tab (#1056)
- Simplify Bulk Renamer buttons (#1032)
- Dont open folder when mounting device (Issue #919)
- Dont show full menu for unmounted devices (#1049)
- Support handling URIs via desktop file (#1044)
- Focus correct split pane on mouse click (#1039)
- Use realpath only if available on platform (#1030)
- Fix include/check for 'realpath' (#1030)
- Prevent wrong undo/redo notify (#1036)
- Support undo trash for linked pathes (#1030)
- Always ask before delete files via undo (#1027)
- Fix use after free fault (#1031)
- Allow symlink creation on remote locations (#875)
- Prevent crash when closing window (#884)
- Keep directory specific sort details (#1017)
- Dont add extra-dot when creating links (#1019)
- Add Shortcut to switch split-view panes (#1005)
- Undo/Redo: Show detailed tooltips (issue #938)
- Make view margin/spacing depend on zoom level (Issue #839)
- Add fallback to shared zoom-level (#832)
- Directory specific settings - zoom improvm. (#832)
- Keep hidden toolbar hidden after Ctrl+L (#1011)
- Prevent jumping cursor on file deletion (#910)
- Properly handle resident thunar plugins (#1007)
- Prevent crash for copy+overwrite via DBus (#1002)
- Make 'empty trash' sensitive on tab-switch (#1001)
- Prevent segfault for location selector (Issue #994)
- Dialog when closing split-pane with multiple tabs
- split-view: prevent loosing open tabs (Issue #986)
- Use GtkIconTheme properly when passing UI scale
- Shrink rename dialog only in height
- Improve alignment of XfceFileNameInput
- Revert "Prevent focus stealing of file transfer dialog (Issue #643)"
- Prevent rare crash when closing thunar (issue #698)
- Prevent crash after closing windows (Issue #995)
- bulk renamer: Remember LastActiveMode (Issue #989)
- Add optional confirmation message to move to trash (Issue #464)
- Re-add symlink target in type column (issue #985)
- Few thumbnails missing after scroll (Issue #843)
- Dont show toolbar menu for back/forward (Issue #983)
- 'replace' option fixed for partial copy (Issue #974)
- Preserve trusted state when launchers are copied
- separate method for thunar_g_file_is_in_xdg_data_dir
- Moved 'set executable flag' into separate method
- Only attach toolbar after toolbar items were set up (Issue #927)
- Dont reset zoom-level for directory specific settings (issue #970)
- Prevent build failure for NixOS (Issue #972)
- Prevent location bar crash (Issue #968)

Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Armenian (Armenia), Asturian, Basque,
  Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Hong Kong),
  Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Eastern Armenian, English
  (Australia), English (United Kingdom), Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish,
  French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic,
  Indonesian, Interlingue, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latvian,
  Malay, Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Occitan (post 1500),
  Persian (Iran), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian,
  Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Urdu
  (Pakistan), Uyghur, Vietnamese

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