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Hi, after everything, let me introduce myself: My name is Euri (means rain in basque language), and I'm psychologist, I'm taking a degree in teaching arts in basic education (elementary and high-school), and I'm taking a UX/UI design degree too.

So, I'm really close to the GNOME project (but I'm not part of them), and I want to help to improve GNU/Linux desktop, so, I want to offer my help to you, Xfce.

For me Xfce is a great DE, and I think it is getting old and out of time, and I don't want to see the project die (It should keep updated to the modernity).

In the past, I posted an [Article talking about it](https://www.eurinaiz.com/blog/GTK-HIGs-And-The-XFCE-Future/), In that moment I had no idea about UX and UI design, but now, I think I can collaborate more than in the past.

A week ago I asked on [reddit about a place to do surveys,]([https://www.reddit.com/r/xfce/comments/13nle5p/where_can_i_do_surveys_for_gnulinux_desktop/](https://www.reddit.com/r/xfce/comments/13nle5p/where_can_i_do_surveys_for_gnulinux_desktop/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)) and nogafam.es gave me a nextcloud account (to use nextcloud forms).

I have some ideas to make Xfce even more great, I have in mind a big changes that can be done to make a real modernisation in Xfce.
But, first, I'd like to do some surveys to know about Xfce user's expectations and what would be appreciated, I've read the roadmap already, so I know about the Xfce's vision and I think that my apportions would be appreciated.

Today I joined a GNOME Latam (I'm a spanish native speaker) conference talking about the design team in Libre Software projects.

In general my ideas are the following, I just list them to expose em, but I don't want to discuss them in this thread and right now, 1st I'd like to make the surveys and next, start to discuss em. Also I wont base my propositions right now, because it should be done in the discuss thread and topic by topic.

- New website design
- Rebrand Xfce with new logo, new slogan, typography, etc.
- Move the forum to a new discourse instance (to replace mailing list and FluxBB instance)
- Redesign Xfce default layout and make the designs predictable to theming
- Adopting Libadwaita as part of Xfce (as well the HIG, anyway Xfce has GNOME's HIGs as its official HIGs)
- Redesign all the apps to use correctly CSD and headerbars
- Apply all UX fundaments to make the system and apps more usable and accesible
- Adopting Flatpak & Flathub as the official distribution channels
- A fully Matrix adoption (Irc is too old to nowdays and it hasn't advantages)
- A self-support plan for XFCE
- Adopting technology (don't reinvent the wheel) to focus in creating new and better GNU/linux apps

I'm gonna wait your replies, merci beaucoup.

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