Monitor resolution keeps resetting

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Sun Mar 19 22:28:53 CET 2023

I've replaced an HP/Compaq LA1951g monitor (1280x1024) and a Radeon RX-550
video card with an Acer SB-220Q monitor (1920x1080) and a Radeon Pro WX-2100
video card.

The monitor will accept a refresh rate up to 75Hz; the WX-2100 supports a
60Hz refresh rate.

Using Settings -> Dislay -> Resolution I set it to 1920x1080. If I'm away
from the desktop for a while, or log in, the resolution has switched back to

Why might this happen and how can I fix the 1920x1080 resolution so it stays
there? (I've been using xfce since it appeared and haven't had this issue
with any previous video card and monitor over that period.)



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