RFC: Drop icon view mode from appfinder

andre at andreldm.com andre at andreldm.com
Tue Mar 7 20:04:27 CET 2023

Hi all,
I know that dropping features is usually a bad move, that's why I come to ask before shooting:

In the context of appfinder, is the icon view preferably to anyone? Would you be able to survive with only list view?

My rationale: icon view is not the default, it had problems with sorting in the past which required workarounds (I'm not sure if it's as good as list view now), removing it would simplify the code by a lot and it's been spewing lots of critical messages since 4.14, seemingly no one noticed until now [1].
I'm hoping no one truly cares, I would be happy to get rid of this mode, but if it's important to at least one person then I can live with it.

Just to be clear, those views are only available in expanded mode, collapsed mode won't be affected by an eventual removal.

1 - https://gitlab.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-appfinder/-/issues/77

Andre Miranda
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