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Fri Jun 30 10:40:03 CEST 2023

Hi Todd,

my understanding is, that

On Fri, 2023-06-30 at 07:33 +0200, Silvio Knizek wrote:
> LineageOS

etc. are probably the best middle courses. AFAIK the closest to
solutions such as LineageOS, but by providing a clean Linux install with
Xfce is postmarketOS on an unlocked device, by accepting limitations:

What to expect

In its current stage, postmarketOS is for Linux enthusiasts. The
experience will not be as polished as running Android or iOS. Expect
serious bugs like calls not working, SMS not arriving, alarm clock not
working etc." -

1. Step: Take a look at the list of devices to find out what devices
   suffers from limitations that are ok for your needs.
2. Step: Find out how risky it is that unlocking the device does brick
   it and chose one that usually can be easily rescued.

If you don't want to root a device, then you need to accept something
like this:

Note, tablets are tricky and for good reasons I chose an iPad Pro with
iPadOS, no jailbreak.

It depends on what you want to do. Do you want to draw? Do you know that
pencils for touchscreens suffer from several issues? One issue for
example is latency. There are several reasons for latency, for example
the touchscreen refresh rate and how computationally intensive the
algorithms for the drawing style are.

We know Linux graphic driver issues for our Linux PCs and Linux laptops,
coming with well known hardware. The hardware of an unlocked tablet is
not that well known.

You shouldn't rely to much in this Fedora project. Ubuntu seemed
promising for use on phones and tablets for a period of time, but what
happened to the project? That's just a rhetorical question.


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