Panel window buttons row size

Andrzej andrzejr at
Tue Jan 10 17:18:05 CET 2023

On 10/01/2023 12:25, Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> On 1/10/23 11:58, Andrzej wrote:
>> I assume you meant rows=2?
> No, I meant rows=1.
> The whole panel has *one* rows of items (if it was 2, the panel would 
> be 100px high and all other widgets would be on two rows).
> Inside the panel, there's the "Window Buttons" item: this one has 
> always stacked its own buttons on two rows (now only one).

Oh, I missed you are writing about window buttons. I was thinking about 
rows of launcher buttons and assumed this is no longer working.

Another option is to set rows=2 and row_size = 25 px but from context I 
guess this is not the layout you are looking for.



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