ANNOUNCE: xfce4-settings 4.18.2 released

Gaƫl Bonithon gael at
Sat Feb 11 10:28:00 CET 2023

xfce4-settings 4.18.2 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-settings?

Settings manager of the Xfce desktop.


Release notes for 4.18.2
- Update copyright year
- mime-settings: Increase dialog size (!96)
- display: fix blurry 'help' indicator on output (#400, !95)
- display: fix blurry icon in profiles treeview
- display: fix blurry icons in minimal display settings dialog
- mime: fix blurry icons in default app menus
- mouse: fix blurriness in cursor theme previews
- appearance: fix blurry subpixel antialias icons
- appearance: fix blurry icon theme previews
- xfsettingsd: Make xsettings.xml well-formed (Fixes #431, !94)
- xfsettingsd: Remove duplicated config line (Fixes #425)
- Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Chinese (China), Dutch, English (Canada), English (United
  Kingdom), Finnish, Greek, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Turkish

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