How is notifyd supposed to be started? [Solved]

Kai-Martin Knaak kmk at
Sat Mar 28 22:05:43 CET 2020

Justin Mathew <mjustin at> schrieb am 28. March 2020:

> Add nm-applet to your start up applications list.
Thanks. nm-applet is indeed not active on my desktop.
However, I did not get to try this advice because I found a solution in
the xfce forum:

In post #35 MajorX234 mentions that the notification daemon of KDE may
be the culprit. This daemon gets started by systemd via 
I moved this file out of the way. Since then the XFCE notification
daemon automatically starts after login.

So this is clearly a bug. 
But where to report? KDE? XFCE? systemd? (probably not)

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