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Piscium groknok at
Mon Dec 28 00:31:14 CET 2020

On Sun, 27 Dec 2020 at 22:39, Alex <acs82 at> wrote:
> > However what I got does not match what you said above. If the default
> is indeed "<Alt>Up" then there should be no need for me to uncomment
> it?
> I agree. For me there is no need to uncomment. I dont know why it is needed in your case.
> If I move accels.scm to accels.scm.backup to get a fresh one generated, I can directly use Alt+Up on starting thunar.
> Tried to reproduce your concrete use-case:
> Delete accels.scm, start thunar 1.8.x (generates a fresh one), check Alt+Up --> works
> Close thunar 1.8.x. Start thunar 4.16: Alt+Up still working.

I am baffled. I renamed accels.scm to something else, started Thunar,
accels.scm was recreated and Alt Up is working as normal without the
need to uncomment anything! I did a diff and there are several
differences between the new generated file and the old one.

Then I did another test. I made a copy of my old scm file to
accels.scm, uncommented Alt Up and is not working.

The problem, unlikely and weird as it looks, seems to be that settings
for keys other than Alt Up affect Alt Up!

I think you will be able to reproduce the problem I have in the
following way (all tests with Thunar 4.16):
1. Stop Thunar
2. Go to my second email in this thread, copy the scm file contents
that I had before I upgraded to 4.16, paste it into accels.scm.
3. Start Thunar. Confirm that Alt Up is working
4. Stop Thunar
5. Edit accels.scm, commenting out the Alt Up line
6. Start Thunar.
7. Expected result: Alt Up will not work

If you get the expected result, then the interesting question for
investigation is why the old scm file makes the new thunar not work

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