ANNOUNCE: xfce4-wavelan-plugin 0.6.2 released

Romain Bouvier skunnyk at
Thu Dec 24 17:29:28 CET 2020

xfce4-wavelan-plugin 0.6.2 is now available for download from

What is xfce4-wavelan-plugin?

This plugin is used to display stats from a wireless lan interface
(signal state, signal quality, network name (SSID)). It supports NetBSD,
OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Linux.


Release notes for 0.6.2
- Fix build with panel 4.15
- Fix ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code
- Update syntax and enable debug when building from git
- Create Update
- Add basic GitLab pipeline
- Update .gitignore, fix configure scripts
- Update URLs from goodies.x.o to docs.x.o (Bug #16181)
- Make build less verbose
- s/http/https
- Translation Updates:
  Albanian, Armenian (Armenia), Belarusian, Bulgarian, Chinese
  (Taiwan), Eastern Armenian, English (Canada), French, Galician,
  Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish,
  Turkish, Uyghur

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