configuring the mouse right-button window to put terminal in the first spot

Dan Hitt dan.hitt at
Mon Nov 18 20:05:17 CET 2019

I'm using xfce version 4.12 on debian 10.

I would like to configure the menu that pops up when i click on the right
mouse button to have the terminal app as the very first entry.  Right now,
terminal is in some sub-menu.

I ran the xfce4-about program, and it has a lot of information (Window
Manager, Panel, Desktop Manager, File Manager, Session Manager, Setting
System, ....) but none seem to have to do directly with configuring the
mouse menus.

There's a settings editor ( xfce4-settings-editor ), which includes various
'Channels', but none of them seem to control the menu of the right mouse

Thanks in advance for any info on how to configure this menu, or maybe a
better way to search through the xfce software to find it.

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