Psensor Does Not Auto-range Temperature

Stephen P. Molnar s.molnar at
Sun Nov 3 18:46:32 CET 2019

When I run Psensor to monitor the CPU temperature of my Buster platform, 
it fails to auto-range the temperature.

I get the same error messages, regardless if I open Psensor as either a 
user or root.

> comp at AbNormal:~$ sudo -s psensor
> [sudo] password for comp:
> [2019-11-02T10:25:17] [ERR] nvctrl: Failed to retrieve NVIDIA 
> information.
> (psensor:24553): Gdk-CRITICAL **: 06:25:18.169: 
> gdk_window_thaw_toplevel_updates: assertion 
> 'window->update_and_descendants_freeze_count > 0' failed
  Psensor worked correctly in v-9.x.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Stephen P. Molnar, Ph.D.
614.312.7528 (c)
Skype:  smolnar1

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