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edscott wilson garcia edscott at xfce.org
Fri Aug 16 21:57:20 CEST 2019

A new version of xffm is now released. This uses generic C++ programming
which allows for smaller and faster code, besides a much better way to
organize modularity. The coding paradigm is modelled on that used by DuMuX
(code from the University of Stuttgart which whom I have been working with

It might be a real pain to understand how the code works, but if you are
reading this Olivier, I really recommend you have a look into it. Once you
get the hang of it, generic programming is way too powerful.

You can download 0.91 release tarball at
https://sourceforge.net/projects/xffm/files/xffm%2B/ or from the git
repository at the sourceforge site. The git repository at github is always
ahead, as it contains code in  development (-DALPHA).

Feel free to use all or part of the code, just remember that with generic
C++ templates, there is no LGPL. And that,  according to Richard Stallman,
should be a "good thing".


Dr. Edscott Wilson Garcia
Reservoir Engineering
Mexican Petroleum Institute
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