Multimedia keys and Xfce

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Wed Apr 17 02:05:17 CEST 2019

On Tue, 16 Apr 2019 15:41:45 +0200
Pétùr <peturvilj at> wrote:

> Any idea?

Something is messing with your keyboard map likely.

After reboot open console and do fresh dump:
~$ xmodmap -pke > after_reboot_xmodmap

Then after your keys stopped working as expected
do next dump

~$ xmodmap -pke > wrongmedia_xmodmap

Then do diff:

diff -U0 after_reboot_xmodmap wrongmedia_xmodmap

If these two dumps differ, you may start to search for culprit within
programs/scripts ran inbetween.

If these two are identical it looks 1-unfortunate, or 2-dim, or 3-doom.

1. your hw at some point went astray. It happened with some Acers where media keys
were at chord with 'Fn'. Box somewhat changed scancodes after unknown to
me Fn-something slip.

2. you activated some kind of 'User Experience Feedback' (Chrome?) that mess.

3. you've got a rootkit/trojan with buggy keylogger 

Hope this helps,

Wojciech S. Czarnecki
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