Problem with software updater Xubuntu 18.04_2

James Robinson jdsci at
Sat Apr 13 15:19:51 CEST 2019

Hi All,

I use almost exclusively Xubuntu LTS versions in various forms. Both as 
servers and desktop. But I am noticing a return of an irritating problem 
that existed in 16.04 which seemed to be fixed but has now reappeared in 

When using software updater the resize option is greyed out so the size 
of the window is small which is is irritating because I capture the 
screen to save in my log files.

In 18.04LTS this was also a problem but seemed to be able to get round 
the problem by using a certain sequence of commands but in 18.04-2 LTSĀ  
I just cannot reproduce the code sequence that I thought solved the problem.

I know that this is not a major problem but is highly irritating.

Similarly there is a problem in

Users & Groups when I select groups the list of users reduces to 2 lines 
i.e. not very practical with 20 users.

Best Wishes


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