Xfce4-4.12.1 on AMD Ryzen7 CPU

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Oct 29 18:13:09 CET 2018

   I'm setting up a replacement server on very new hardware: AMD Ryzen7 2700
CPU, Asus PRIME X400 Pro system board (with latest BIOS upgrade).
Slackware-14.2/x86_64 is installed withe the 4.14.74 kernel (needed to
support the new CPU.)

   Xfce4 is not behaving on this host (and I've used Xfce since it was
released in 1998 so I've had long experience with it). One issue is not
restoring the applications opened when it was last shut down. The panel
comes up, but the virtual consoles, alpine, firefox, and other applications
are not reloaded in their workspaces.

   Also, while loadkeys invokes ~/.keymap for all consoles, xmodmap does not
load ~/.Xmodmap when Xfce4 starts.

   When might Xfce4 be adjusted to handle this new hardware?


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