Certain icons too big in panel with Xfce 4.13

Paul Menzel pmenzel+xfce at molgen.mpg.de
Fri Jun 22 14:28:35 CEST 2018

Dear Xfce folks,

On 06/22/18 13:42, Paul Menzel wrote:

> We are testing Xfce 4.13, and noticed that two icons are too
> big in the panel. The logout icon and the sound icon. The
> monitor is a Dell U2713HM with HD resolution.
> Please find the screen shots of Xfce 4.12 (for comparison) and
> Xfce 4.13 attached.

As can be seen from the screen shots, the Xfce 4.13 panel height
is smaller than the one from Xfce 4.12, despite it wasn’t changed.

Going to the panel properties, the value is 48, and moving the
slider back and forth, the real 48 size is then used.

Do you want me to report an issue for that or is this post enough?

Kind regards,


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