OT: xscreensaver doesn't work

houghi houghi at houghi.org
Mon Feb 12 12:07:09 CET 2018

On 2018-02-12 11:03, ToddAndMargo wrote:

>> the Ā»Presentation ModeĀ« is exactly for this, preventing the
>> screensaver, avoiding auto shutdown and brightness reducing, so your
>> presentation can run uninterrupted.
>> You get what you wanted.
>> BR
>> Silvio
> What presentation?  Nothing is different on my screen with it on or 
> off.
> And, I also run "Red Shift", which also doesn't care if "presentation
> mode" is enabled or not.

No idea what presentation. Perhaps none at all. It is not "Doing the 
presentation" It is "Presentation mode" That means that it goes into a 
status as if you are doing a presentation or something else where you do 
not want to lock the machine or dim the screen for whatever reason, but 
most likely during a presentation.

It is like "sleep mode" without me actually sleeping.

Kind regards,


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