no function on [Alt] [F2] ... [F6]

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Fri Dec 28 10:52:57 CET 2018

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I guess you mean e.g. "Alt+F2 = Run"


LANG=C xfce4-settings-manager
-> Keyboard
-> Reset To Defaults

and maybe

LANG=C xfce4-settings-manager
-> window manager
-> Keyboard
-> Reset To Defaults

Be shure to backup

and maybe other xml-files in this directory.


Am 28.12.18 um 01:59 schrieb Ulli Horlacher:
> I liked the window actions on [Alt] [F2] ... [F6] - but now they are gone.
> When I hit these key combinations nothing happens.
> Only [Alt] [F10] and [Alt] [F11] are still working
> I suspect, I have misconfigured it.
> How can I restore these default window action keys?

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