screensaver in settings

Robert Moskowitz rgm at
Thu Dec 13 03:13:19 CET 2018

I am running Xfce on CentOS 7.6 for armhfp.  This is a 'new' option as 
the maintainer had to work at adding the Xfce group into the armhfp epel 

The version of Xfce looks like 4.12.1

I am running Xfce via vnc; took a bit to work out the magic incantation 
for the xstartup, but I seem to have that.  The current problem is the 
lack of screensaver in the applications>settings menu.

I figured out that xscreensaver is the app I needed by looking at what 
was invoked on my Fedora notebook.  So I installed xsreensaver, but it 
is still not showing up in the settings menu.

What do I still need to install?


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