ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.7.5 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Thu Aug 9 12:15:35 CEST 2018

xfdashboard-0.7.5 "443d,78c,GH#149" was released on 2018-08-09.

This is a development release.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce






Release notes for 0.7.5

* New feature: Support for touch screen which supports "clicking"
  buttons for now. Thanks to TheToq2 (GH #157)
* New feature: Support of application actions defines at desktop
  entries which get listed in the pop-up menus of application
  buttons. These application actions are already known as action
  in so-called "Jumplists" or "Quicklists" (GH #158, GH #160)
* New feature: Support of "Keywords" of desktop entries which
  are taken into account when searching (GH #159)
* Modified XfdashboardLiveWindowSimple to make use of new signal
  "closed" for windows. Also added new property "destroy-on-close"
  to XfdashboardLiveWindowSimple which is set to TRUE by default.
  If this property is set to TRUE the actor will be automatically
  destroyed when the window was closed. (GH #149)
* Prevent background image layer to be deleted when workspace is
  changed at XfdashboardLiveWorkspace and show background image
  layer when desktop window can be found when changing background
  image type to desktop. (GH #148)
* Fix showing "show X more results..." text in button when
  showing all results (GH #152)
* Fix signal signature (closure) for signal "actor-created" at
  XfdashboardStage (GH #165)
* Changed loading key bindings to one-or-nothing to incremental
  loading. The default behaviour how bindings are loaded has been
  changed. Previsouly it tried to the first bindings configuration
  file from these location (in this order): The full path defined
  at environment variable XFDASHBOARD_BINDINGS_POOL_FILE (if debug
  mode was enable at configure script), the user's configuration
  folder (usually $HOME/.config/xfdashboard) and at last the
  system-wide folder. Now it tries to load the system-wide one
  first, then the one at user's configuration folder and merges
  all bindings loaded from there to the one already loaded. At
  last it check if the environment variable is set (no need for
  debug mode anymore) and loads the bindings from this file and
  merges them too. (GH #167)
* Added blue theme screenshot. Thanks to gsantner (GH #152)
* Made XfdashboardDynamicTableLayout stylable and added a new
  stylable property named "fixed-columns" to disable dynamic
  allocation of columns depending on largest width of a visible
  child found and enforce a fixed number of columns. Setting this 
  property to 0 (default) will disable this feature. (GH #168)
* Implemented a new signal named "closed" at window interface
  XfdashboardWindowTrackerWindow and implement a default signal
  handler at window manager interface XfdashboardWindowTracker
  which emits the new windows' "closed" signal. It will be
  inherited by all backend by default.
* Added '--version' command-line parameter to determine the version
  of xfdashboard running.
* Lots of bug fixes mostly affecting the new abtract window tracker
  interfaces (GH #149)
* Updated translations (ca,de,el,es,fr,he,it_IT,lt,pl,sr,tr) and a
  new translation (ja) was added


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