Indicator plugin help wanted

Chris Green cl at
Sun Mar 12 16:28:41 CET 2017

I have never really understood the indicator plugin and just now I
wanted to change something and found it very confusing.  So, a few

What are 'Known Indicators'?  They don't seem to correspond to what's
displayed in any sensible way.  In the list under 'Known Indicators' I

    Application Indicators - what's this do?
    Power Management - I can understand (and see) this one
    Messaging Menu - I don't seem to have this
    Sound Menu - I can understand (and see) this one
    Keyboard - this is OK except for the missing icon
    Date and Time - I have this but it just repeats stuff that's elsewhere
    Session Management - I can't see this anywhere

How do you set/clear the 'Hidden' box?  You can't click in it.

What does the 'Clear know indicators' button do?  Does it actually
remove them all from the panel?

What do the up and down arrow buttons do, they don't appear to do

How does one do anything with things that (apparently) *aren't* 'Known
Indicators'?  I have a couple, one of which (the Owncloud one) causes
a nasty 'flicker' and I'd be happier without it but I can't see any
obvious way to turn it off.

... and finally it says "Please restart the panel for visibility
changes to take effect" but offers no way to actually do this.  As far
as I know there's isn't a way to restart the panel except by rebooting
or drastic means like killing it.

Chris Green

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