Survey: vertical vs deskbar panel

Peggy KUTYLA peggy.kutyla at
Sun Mar 12 15:55:07 CET 2017


I use 3 panels :
- The left one in deskbar mode (always hide)
- One horizontal on top (intelligent hiding)
- the right one in vertical mode (intelligent hiding)

And killermoehre's question made me wonder with my right panel was in
vertical mode. So I switched it to deskbar... and the workspace plugin
switched too.
I had to define 6 lines in the workspace plugin properties to have the
correct display again.
No big deal since I don't change the number of workspace every day but
had I to do it, I'd need 2 steps (adding the workspace and modifying the
display of the plugin) in deskbar mode and only one in vertical mode.


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