Interesting behavior from Thunar

Zaphod justthisguyyouknow at
Fri Mar 3 12:54:31 CET 2017

I have noticed the following behavior from Thunar:

By default, when Xfce4 starts, `Thunar --daemon` is started.

If you open a `thunar` window and run a `kill -9` on the PID of the
daemon, the `thunar` window will close and the `Thunar --daemon` will
respawn. When you open `thunar`, back up, everything continues as normal.

If you open a `thunar` window, attach it to an SFTP server, kill the
SFTP PID, close `thunar`, and THEN run a `kill -9` on the `Thunar
--daemon`, then the daemon will not restart, and upon opening `thunar`,
it will continue not to restart. `Thunar --daemon` will cease to run and
everything will be completely normal.

I can't find anything that goes wrong when `Thunar --daemon` is run. Why
does it run?

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