Suggestion: Change Default Icon Theme

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Sun Jul 30 21:04:37 CEST 2017

El 30/07/17 a las 19:12, Albert Wagner escribió:
> The devil's advocate:  they are only intuitive to the artist who
> invented them.  I can't guess what they are supposed to be without
> coaching.  I hate learning a whole new set of icons;  I've memorized
> those that I use.  There will always be people who like shiny new
> things.  And there will always be people who prefer to stay with the
> known and comfortable.

Hahaha, good point. XD

Obviously, there are as much preferences as users, but when I said "more 
intuitive" I refer to "things that a lot of people consider the same".

I'm web and graphical designer and I'm specialized at usability and 
accesibility and, of course, there are a lot of things that are very 
easy and clear for several persons but really difficult to understand to 

But, for example, if a person must choose between two action buttons, a 
"V / green" is commonly associated to "OK" and "X / red" is known to be 
something like "cancel".

A "trash can" is commonly associated to "Delete" and an icon that 
symbolized a "paper with a bend corner" is commonly associated to a 
file, not a directory... this kind of stuff

Of course, I'm not suggesting that Papirus is the "best" and "unique" 
icon theme... and of course there will be a lot of people that will 
change this icon theme for another one as soon they can... but, the 
point is:

+ Is Papirus less intuitive than Rodent? I think no.

+ What do you think it is better?:

A) Starting XFCE for the first time and see your desktop with Rodent 
icons mixed with other theme icon (If the selected icon theme don't have 
a candidate for one icon, the GTK loads the inherit icon theme and/or 
the default icon) do you not are able to control (because depending on 
your distro, the default theme it will be different and unknown)

B) Starting XFCE for the first time and see your desktop totally uniform?

I think the B option is extremely better.

I'm not saying Rodent is a ugly or bad theme. I like it and I'm sure 
there are a lot of people who like and use it. I'm saying Papirus has a 
lot of advantages Rodent does not have. For example:

+ Specific icon versions for several sizes like 16px, 22px, 24px, 32px, 
48px, 64px... (Rodent has only 48px version and downscaling SVG version 
does not grant the icons could be recognizable and pixel-fit).

+ Papirus contain 2620 apps icons (Rodent has 78). In fact, when you use 
Rodent, the majority of icons XFCE uses are not from Rodent. They are 
from another icon theme setting as default one (Usually Tango).

Look at these screen shots:

In this one, you can see that Rodent has no a XFBurn icon (Which is a 
XFCE application!!). Even more, except the "Folder" icon, all the 
application icons inherits from TANGO icon. The default and fall-back 
Gnome icon theme...

If you look closer, you can see the XFBurn top bar icons in the left 
(with Rodent (Tango, really)) are not designed for this size, only the 
"Erase CD-RW" and "Reload" icons are designed for be used in this size, 
and the others are downscaled and they don't look well at all... and 
they are significantly different to others...

In this one, almost every configuration icon is not from Rodent!!! They 
are from the default and fall-back Tango icon theme.

In both cases, Papirus has all icons needed and does not depends on 
other default and no-XFCE-related icon theme.

My suggestion wasn't about a "subjective beauty competition" rather than 
"objective facts", and we all be agree about Papirus fits on well with 
XFCE better than XFCE's own icon theme. ;)

Please, consider it. ;)

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