Suggestion: Change Default Icon Theme

jEsuSdA 8) listas at
Sun Jul 30 18:55:11 CEST 2017

El 30/07/17 a las 18:09, Vinzenz Vietzke escribió:
> Am 29.07.2017 um 20:42 schrieb jEsuSdA 8):
>> + It is extremely modern.
> [...]
>> and I can't think any disadvantage.
> There you mentioned one by yourself. ;)

Hahahaha! Good point! XD

But I think XFCE is very modern too. No disadvantage here. ;)

>> What do you think about?
> Many people like those trendy flat and colour-bursting icon sets - and
> some don't. I think Xfce as an upstream project should stay mostly
> neutral which is why Greybird works so good. If there's need to pimp up
> optics I'd hand that job over to distributions and/or users.

Yes. Of course a lot of distributions change and personalize each 
desktop... but not all do that. One of the most important, Debian, 
brings all the desktops as they comes from default.

In my opinion, the most important reason to change the default icon 
theme for a new one is to bring a complete look and feel, a complete 
desktop experience.

Since it is usual to have XFCE with a lot of other (and non-XFCE) apps 
installed and a lot of filetypes, having a complete icon theme brings a 
consistent feel. And providing this by default can projects a better 
sense about XFCE. I think the Desktop is more than an app collection; it 
is an entire experience.

As it is said: The devil is in the details.

And I think all of us know that, for this reason in the site, 
all the screenshots are taken using Faenza icon theme instead the XFCE 
icon set. I think this is cause Faenza is another great modern and 
complete icon theme and XFCE looks so great with it. And we all want 
XFCE to like people. ;)

So, IMHO change the default icon theme will bring a significant 
improvement and may helps to bring a great default XFCE desktop 
experience for all users (even non personalized distributions). ;)

> That aside, all other points you gave are absolutely valid.


I propose Papirus cause it is really XFCE friendly and intuitive and 
lightweight (like the XFCE is), but maybe another icon theme if they 
have at least the same advantages. ;)


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