Suggestion: Change Default Icon Theme

jEsuSdA 8) listas at
Sat Jul 29 20:42:48 CEST 2017


What do you think about changing the default XFCE icon theme from Rodent 
to Papirus.

IMHO there are several and important benefits:

+ Papirus is a great and very complete theme (I think is the most 
complete icon theme by far). And almost every XFCE icon is included.

+ It is SVG based. And the svg files are extremely optimized, so, it 
weighs very little.

+ It is free and GNU LGPL V3.0 licensed.

+ It is extremely modern.

+ Looks great in conjuction with Greybird GTK+ Theme (Used as default 
theme for several XFCE distros) and other modern themes like Arc.

+ It has normal, dark, light and neutral versions to be used without any 
problem with any gtk theme.

+ It has support for Folder Colors, Harcoded tray icons.

+ It is well mantained and almost every day Papirus is updated and new 
icons are merged.

+ It could brings a great refresh to XFCE look.

I think there are a lot of advantages and I can't think any 
disadvantage. What do you think about?

And here, some screenshots:

Thanks! ;)

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