xfmw4 (4.10.1) multi monitor (different resolutions), new xterm on "other" monitor - new term incorrectly resized

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Tue Apr 25 14:15:16 CEST 2017

Hi, wondering if there is some override/option I can use, or a bug I
should file, regarding the following:

$ xfwm4 --version
This is xfwm4 version 4.10.1 (revision 3918e6b) for Xfce 4.10

(Debian 8.7)

The two monitors are 1920x1200 resolution, but the first monitor is in
landscape orientation, and the second (to the right) is in portrait
orientation, and so the total "X desktop" space (e.g. on xrandr) is
(1920+1200) by 1920 :== 3120 x 1920
but of course some of the "desktop area" on the left is not usable.

xfwm4 seems to have a built in compensation for this "unavailable area",
both resizing, and moving, new windows which are created with parameters
"out of limits".

Unfortunately, the algorithm is not correct in the config above, as

When the mouse pointer is on the LHS, and I try to create a new
xterm with geometry targetting the RHS, this works for new xterms which
have a size which is within the "visible size" of the LHS monitor.

But, as detailed above, my RHS monitor is in portrait orientation, and
so, for example if I try to create an xterm where:
 - it is the maximum width of the RHS monitor
 - but less than the full 'portrait' height of the RHS monitor
   (in this example, a 200 pixel unused gap at the top of the RHS
 - but the resultant height of my new xterm window is greater
   than the "available/visible height" of the LHS monitor

Then xfwm4 will actually maximize the height of this new xterm, when I
try to launch it from the LHS monitor.

(It works correctly if I launch this new xterm when the mouse pointer is
currently focused/in the RHS monitor.)

Here the xterm that matches these exact geometries, assuming a font with
cell size 6 wide by 10 high (adjust accordingly of course):

 xterm -geometry 198x169+1920+207

Since I start up a few xterms, in different combinations, in a shell
script, I would like the new xterms to display correctly, whichever
monitor currently has the mouse pointer focus (of course) - this is a
particularly vexing problem when at least one term on each monitor, is
outside the visible display area of the opposite monitor :)

Finally I note that wmctrl could -probably- be used to come in and mop
up after xfwm fails to properly lay out, but that looks quite
complicated to me (hey, I haven't used it before :) and certainly,
should be unnecessary since I know the exact geometry I want, I
shouldn't have to apply that twice.

Any hints appreciated,

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