Problems with 4.12

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Sun Sep 25 19:32:03 CEST 2016

   I just upgraded my laptop from Slackware-14.1 to -14.2 and have several
issues with xfce4 that I cannot resolve. Help is appreciated.

   The major problem is that I cannot open a urxvt terminal from the panel.
Nothing happens when I click on that icon. Thinking it was a configuration
problem I deleted ~/.config/xfce4 (rather than backing it up). Makes no

   Minor issues are configuring xfce4 the way I've used it since 1.0 (or
prior, I started using it in 1997). I no longer find a settings tool to get
rid of the desktop icons, change the window manager frame (there used to be
multiple styles), or remove the worthless (to me) manu on the window frame.
When I do open a vt it comes up with the default directory of ~/Desktop.
I've never used that for anything and want to have terminal windows open at
~/. There are other issues, but these will help me get the laptop running
again as I want it.



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