Colurs od drop down menus and scroll bar

Willie Matthews matthews.willie80 at
Fri Mar 4 17:48:45 CET 2016

On 03/04/2016 07:54 AM, Hartmut Haase wrote:
> Hi,
> if I click on a drop down menu (e. g. Thunar, Thunderbird, etc.) and
> move the mouse pointer down the items, the colour goes from black on
> white to white on grey, if I touch an item, which is nearly unreadably.
> Also the scroll bars are grey. On my old PC it was white on blue and
> blue. But I don't find how to get it.

I had the same problem if I am not mistaken. Try installing
x11-themes/gtk-engines*. I don't know which one you need but I am sure
it is one of them. I install all of them most of the time but whatever
theme you are using only needs one of them.


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