Monitors can't exit from power-saving-mode.

fortuna at fortuna at
Tue Jul 19 17:34:17 CEST 2016

Hello All,

I know at first sight, this doesn't look like a xfce-problem,
but the strange thing is I can't reproduce it when I use gnome or mate.

This is my first post ever, so forgive me when I don't supply enough 
info. Please teach me courtesy- and other rules. If the solution was in 
the wiki and I overlooked it, feel free to just post me a pointer.

Background info:

# cat /etc/centos-release
CentOS Linux release 7.2.1511 (Core)

# rpm -qa|grep -i xfce

# cat /proc/cmdline |grep -o BOOT_IMAGE=.*pw

# lsmod |grep video
video                  40960  2 i915,dell_wmi

2 monitors are connected to the onboard intel videocard ( 2x Display 
port )


When I'm logged in and use the desktop environment, and I power off the 
monitor (or I unplug the power of the monitor), I feel happy because 
it's good for the environment.

But when I power the monitor back on, it goes immediately in 
(which is good for the environment, but bad for my productivity).

There is no problem when I choose gnome or mate instead of xfce when 
loggin in (gdm).

I found a little workaround:
I can power off the monitor, and when before powering it back on, I go 
to console (CTRL+ALT+F2),
the monitor comes up, and I can go back to X and work where I was.

But nevertheless I'm eagerly to find the cause of this problem.
Does anyone have an idea? Or an idea why I only have this problem when 
using xfce?

dmesg is not showing anything useful.
/var/log/messages neither
a .xfce4-session.verbose-log attached (nothing useful I guess)
"xset q" attached (DPMS disabled with xfce4-power-manager-settings)

I'm very grateful if someone could help me out or show me the way to the 
No offence, but please spare me the "don't power off your monitor" 

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