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Mitt Green mitt_green at
Sun Jan 3 12:30:29 CET 2016

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year and holidays!

I'd like to know whether these things will be included one day:

1) Mousepad plugins like terminal (maybe using xfce4-terminal) and file browser pane;
movable is better, so we could place to the top or bottom, left or right;
2) Expended xfce4-terminal preferences dialogue, to include things like cursor shape
and other settings from .config/xfce4/terminalrc (for the sake of usability);
3) Ability to change icon size in Applications Menu (like it was in 4.10 and before)
and to remove panel icon for it.

Also, since xfce4-volumed and xfce4-mixer are no longer developed, what would you
advise to use instead?

Thank you,

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