Frequent lockups - the resolution?

phm moonpunter at
Fri Apr 1 17:46:24 CEST 2016

In that case, and this would be beneficial for everyone on the list,
someone who has compiled XFCE from scratch on Debian might post a guide?
You could also reply with the actual parts you struggled with?

brian wrote:
> On Fri, 01 Apr 2016 07:26:18 -0700, you wrote:
>> I'm sure someone here would be more than happy to express mail you install media for any distro or software. That is, if you're comfortable posting your address. 
> Thanks, but it's not actually the install media that's the problem. I
> don't mind running the PC overnight as a one-off to grab a live image.
> The trouble with Sid for me is the sheer volume of updates *on an
> ongoing basis*. 
> With the shonky power supply in these parts (I'm on the end of a 20+
> mile bit of cable running alongside a road which runs over the crest
> of a number of hills) I just don't dare leave the PC plugged in any
> night where there's the slightest risk of a storm. I hear the UPS
> cutting in and out regularly as it is, I just don't trust it to stop a
> lightning strike, and I can't afford to replace all the kit. 
> However, if I don't queue an apt-get in the small hours, then updates
> are a problem because my *total* bandwidth allotment between 0700 and
> 0200 the following day is 250 MB, up and down combined. My wife and I
> struggle not to run out of allotment as it is. 
> If I could get decent internet service, I'd have a different view of
> it all, but local topography means mine is one of only two houses on
> this road which can't get a signal from at least one of the local
> wireless providers. Nobody with any sense uses a satellite ISP if they
> have any alternative (well, OK, except for dial-up). Unfortunately, I
> have no alternative. :(
> I suppose I could install Sid and forego the updates, but I think I'd
> need a fairly compelling reason to upgrade to XFCE v4.12 to go down
> that path. 
> Brian. 
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