Disabling default settings welcome window

Kai-Martin Knaak knaak at iqo.uni-hannover.de
Wed Sep 30 22:45:39 CEST 2015

Prunk Dump wrote:

> When my users log in for the first time a windows appear asking for
> choosing between something like "default panel" and "empty panel".
> When my users click on the "empty" choice they often have trouble
> using XFCE and I need to reset their account.

Same here. About one in five new users chose "empty" and subsequently got 
stuck because there is literally nothing visible to click on. Not the best 
impression if the user is used to MS windows and is just does his/her 
first steps on linux territory.

The wording of this dialogue might use some improvement. If it were on me, 
I'd not present this choice in the first place. Getting rid of the default 
panels is not that big of a deal if you so desire. 

I resolved the issue by assembling a default XFCE desktop and put the 
corresponding config files to /etc/skel . This also included a set of 
reasonable settings which I traditionally recommended orally to new users. 
* Do not warp windows to the next desktop but tile it to half the screen.
* enable compositing
* enable drop shadows for windows
* enable font anti-aliasing with medium level hinting

While at it, I also added a decently populated cairo dock. Won me props 
from apple users :-)

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