ANNOUNCE: xfdashboard 0.5.1 released

Stephan Haller nomad at
Mon Sep 7 21:43:17 CEST 2015

xfdashboard-0.5.1 "Development slowing down" was released on 2015-09-07.

This is a development release.

About xfdashboard

Maybe a Gnome shell like dashboard for Xfce






Release notes for 0.5.1

* Implemented new experimental code to delay window content creation
  finally and made it configurable. A new xfconf property called
  "/window-content-creation-priority" was implemented and accepts
  the values: immediate, high, normal and low whereby the value
  'immediate' will create the window content for each window at
  the time it was requested which is the default behaviour known so
  far and also the default value. The other values determine how
  fast and how many window content textures should be created
  when application is idle. While 'high' tries to create as many
  window content textures as possible, the values 'normal' and
  'low' will create much less.
* Implemented an application tracker which tries to determine and
  to keep track of running applications. Favourites in quicklaunch
  will be marked as running with an 'ok' emblem in default themes.
  (GH #39)
* With the implementation of the application tracker also running
  application which are not stored as favourites in quicklaunch
  will be added dynamically as temporary application buttons which
  look the same as stored favourites one. But they are removed
  automatically when the last window of this application was
* Favourite will get CSS class '.favourite-app' added to its actor
  while dynamically added non-favourite actors get the CSS class
  '.dynamic-app' added. So both "actors" can be themed differently.
* Hide all dynamically added non-favourite actors when a
  drag'n'drop action is in progress.  
* Partially rewrote build system to create a static library for
  all files except the main file containing the main() function.
  The static library can also be used in other tools like gtkdoc.
  The final executable binary 'xfdashboard' is created by compiling
  main file containing function main() and link it against the
  static library and all other needed shared libraries (as it was
  done before)
* Began adding gtk-doc documentation annotations to various files
* Remove calls to xfdashboard_actor_contains_child_deep() and
  replaced them with clutter_actor_contains()
* Add command-line option "--view". This command-line option
  "--view [internal name of view]" allows to specify which view
  to show when xfdashboard gets visible. This will only be applied
  once. It "overrides" any view configured in settings. (#12144)
* Add session management to xfdashboard to restart it if it crashes
* Fixed a bug that pinned windows are not shown at newly created
  (but not current) workspace at XfdashboardLiveWorkspace
* Fixed settings application to set xfconf property
  '/switch-to-view-on-resume' instead of '/switch-view-on-resume'
* Fixed a warning printed to console when the setting
  "gtk-tooltip-timeout" was requested as it is deprecated and
  ignored by GTK+ derived application since GTK+ 3.10 and higher.
  So we should behave the same and set the timeout statically to
  the default duration which GTK+ is also using.
* Some other bug-fixes


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