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On 01.10.2015 17:50, Prunk Dump wrote:
> 2015-09-30 22:45 GMT+02:00 Kai-Martin Knaak <knaak at iqo.uni-hannover.de>:
>> Prunk Dump wrote:
>>> When my users log in for the first time a windows appear asking for
>>> choosing between something like "default panel" and "empty panel".
>>> When my users click on the "empty" choice they often have trouble
>>> using XFCE and I need to reset their account.
Wouldn't it be possible to already install the default panel config in 
That would probably also prevent the dialog, or?

>> Same here. About one in five new users chose "empty" and subsequently got
>> stuck because there is literally nothing visible to click on. Not the best
>> impression if the user is used to MS windows and is just does his/her
>> first steps on linux territory.
>> The wording of this dialogue might use some improvement. If it were on me,
>> I'd not present this choice in the first place. Getting rid of the default
>> panels is not that big of a deal if you so desire.
>> I resolved the issue by assembling a default XFCE desktop and put the
>> corresponding config files to /etc/skel . This also included a set of
>> reasonable settings which I traditionally recommended orally to new users.
>> E.g.:
>> * Do not warp windows to the next desktop but tile it to half the screen.
>> * enable compositing
>> * enable drop shadows for windows
>> * enable font anti-aliasing with medium level hinting
>> While at it, I also added a decently populated cairo dock. Won me props
>> from apple users :-)
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> Thanks Kaimartin for your help !
> The problem of the /etc/skel solution is that .config/xfce4 directory
> contain many personnal data that are difficult to clean.
> I have found that I can set all XFCE default settings with the
> /etx/xdg/xfce4/ files.
> For example there is a /etc/xdg/xfce4/panel/default.xml  where I can
> set the default panel for all my users.
> But I can't find any file relative to this login prompt and I can't
> find any documentation on this xml files.
> But thank you very much for this tips !
> Baptiste.
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