xfce4-panel changing icon for showdesktop plugin

Sylvain xfce4 at ledragon.net
Sun Nov 29 09:55:26 CET 2015

Hi Charlie,

On 28/11/2015 13:45, Charlie Kravetz wrote:
> You are, of course, welcome. I do not know any place with this
> documentation. I was hoping a developer would jump in and give you
> that information. 

OK. I will wait a bit to see if someone else answer before asking more.

I tested to change Icons of some other panel's plugin without success
yet, on changing there's Icon using:


For example:

I don't know yet how they read their prefs, nor if

xfce4-panel -r

is sufficient to reload the icon if I change something.

Nothing change yet. Even when editing 

Some rc files are stored in ~/.config/xfce4/panel/ … no more clue yet.


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